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Many students have the relevant know-how to work in PR and advertising - but they have no opportunity to apply their skills. StudAds works together with a network of students from different subjects and qualifications and pools their skills in the most efficient way. Especially in the digital field, students are considered as ‘Digital Natives’ with their strength and expertise in innovation. StudAds offers their students a useful side job as well as the possibilities to gain further work experiences.


We get together with our clients: Let’s find out which goals, wishes and ideas you have for your project. We will then coordinate all the tasks within our network of students. Your personal project manager will work close together with you as our customer, to flexibly and directly monitor all steps of the project. In the end, you will receive the final result. Our students have the chance to extend their experiences and our customers receive high-quality solutions.


  • Cost-effective & Professional
  • Relevant practical experiences for students
  • Fair hourly rates for all parties


  • Essmann’s Backery

    Essmann’s Bakery

    One of the largest food manufacturers in ‘Münsterland’ with over 60 branches. We constantly produce new content and design graphic layouts for several advertisement campaigns in print and digital.

  • TennisPoint


    Europe's market leader in online shopping around tennis. In the context of the French Open 2017 we co- produced the national and international TV spots.

  • Kapten&Son


    For this international fashion company we have accompanied a guerrilla marketing campaign for the launch of the new PURE Edition.

  • Venture Club Münster

    Venture Club Münster

    Whether if it is business cards or flyers. The Venture Club Muenster regularly delegates projects to us.

  • Suprapak Broschüre

    Suprapak (Colombia)

    For this Colombian company, we designed and prepared a brochure for the German target market.

  • Ecopili Broschüre

    Ecopili (Mexico)

    For this Mexican company, we created posters and prepared a brochure for the German as well as the international market (GER / EN).


We believe in talented students, who can create a huge value for you. We want to offer students an opportunity for relevant experiences in PR and advertisement. In doing so, we use their special strengths: digital expertise, innovative thinking, high dynamic work attitude, as well as rapid adaptation to trends. With our network, we want to create added value for students and at the same time offer our customers a young and dynamic alternative to expensive agencies. We are looking forward to new cooperations and challenges.


You should not wait any longer! You should not just make copies for your boss and bring coffees to colleagues! We are looking for you and your skills in the field, in which you really want to work. You have flexible working hours; you are paid fair rates and gain valuable, practical experiences.


2016 founded in Münster, Germany.

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